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We are a quality nanny hiring agency. We hire Nanny Ninja’s who “Provide supervision, protection, & fun!” Book Now @ 865-384-6052 



Posted 08/02/2021 @8:07am


All Nanny Ninja’s are to:

  • Be healthy, happy, joyful, kind, loving, caring, respectful, considerate, & honest 
  • Sanitize toys and belongings before & after each & every sit
  • Stay home if they aren’t feeling well
  • Cancel if they feel ill, sick, and or are recovering from any illnesses
Posted 08/02/2021 @8:20am

Dearest Good Parents & Nanny Ninjas, 

You’re amazing!!

Thank you for your understanding.

All the best,

Nanja LLC


Come on in and see what we’ve got for you! Our hired Nanny Ninjas are trained for supervising a range of all ages 3mon – 18 years old from the traditional to the ultra-modern homeschooling, so that everyone may accomplish what they need to. Conservative or free-spirited, you can find a Nanny Ninja in your area that will  help your lifestyle and make you feel comfortable and happy while getting things done for everyone in your family.

Our customers are very important to us, and we’re deeply committed to making sure you get the help you and your ohana needs and outcomes you’re looking for.

Call 865-384-6052 , book, & see what we can do for you today!




Our hired Nanny Ninjas are happy to work with you, to find ways  that makes it feel great to home school. Whether you need someone for a formal occasion or you want to change your entire work schedule, that’s what we’re here for, to help supervise during those tough homeschooling hours and much needed free time.


To provide your children with the best protection we know how, each and every Nanny Ninja is child CPR/first aid/AED certified, cleared background check, drug tested, must be 18 years or older, must have experience working with children (extra brownie points if they’re lifeguard certified), and thoroughly trained by our company, Nanja LLC.

 & Fun!

That way, you can have the time you need to get things done without being bothered, and feel comfortable in knowing your children are being well taken care of. And that way you know your children are having fun in a safe environment, just the way you want it because Nanny Ninjas are here to help you and your’s.


Charles Zade

“I was looking for someone trustworthy, and just couldn’t find the right nanny. Your Nanja LLC consultant helped me choose someone I really trusted.”


June Yukin

“I needed a nanny for my husband’s  birthday, and found a great nanny that we liked right away. We’ll definitely be back to your app.”

Lauren Gentim

“No matter what I’m looking for when is comes to a nanny, NANJA LLC always has someone great. The nanny ninjas respond so quickly. I can always find a new nanja every week.They have always helped out when I needed it most.”

Bob Stellar

“I enjoy me and my children meeting new people and choices sometimes make it hard to choose the best nanny. It’s great to have an app where I can get the best nanny ninja all the time, so I don’t have to call around town looking too hard.”

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