Cancellations & Refund Policy

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You the “Good Parent” may cancel at any time, at No charge, and so may your scheduled  “Nanny Ninja,” cancel at any time. `


You may receive a full refund of your booking fee of $24, only if you cancel by phone with us 24 hours in advance, otherwise you forfeit your booking fee of $24 usd. All additional consecutive bookings fees of $5 per day are non- refundable ex. Monday- Wednesday = $24 Monday, + $5 Tue, $5 wed = Total of $34 booking fee. Therefore, the $5 Tue & $5 Wed are not refundable = $10 (not refundable). Only the initial booking fee of $24 is refundable, 24 hours in advance notice by phone. Taxes and services charges are not included. 

Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any given time. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO NANJA LLC. 

For additional information in this section, ​please email us or call us during our office hours at 808-250-9415. 

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