Rates for Travel Nanja:

These are rates per hour while your Nanja is working when on your vacation.

This is in addition to the booking fee for a travel Nanja which is different than a regular booking fee of $25 + or the unlimited $50/mon. Please call (865)384-6052  for booking a Temporary Travel Nanja (prices may vary), due to the extended hours, coordination of schedules, and extra legal documentation needed to find you the right Nanny Ninja for your travels.

Cancellation & Refund Policy are also different than a regular booking. 

Thank you Good Parents for your business and we appreciate you all very much!! 

Going Places…

And need a temporary traveling Nanny Ninja, b/c your regular nanny can’t make it?  No worries, we’ve got you covered!! 
Call us at (865) 384-6052 to start the process. 
Or at email us at nanjallc@gmail.com 

Who We Are

We are a quality nanny hiring agency. We find you an instant Nanny Ninja in as little as a two hour advance notice. We also may find you a temporary travel Nanja when your regular nanny may not be able to accompany you & your family on vacation. 

Here are the steps we go through at Nanja LLC in order to find you a quality Nanny Ninja while you vacation any where in the world. 

Please call  (865) 384-6052 for your temp traveling Nanja, as well as with any questions & concerns you may have. 


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Dylan Ruiz


Lucas Ruiz


May Watson

Traveling Nanja

1.Finding the Right Temp Nanja

We will find the right quality Nanja for your  family vacation to help out with the children as much as possible.

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2. Legal Docs & Expenses 

After the finding & matching process, we will coordinate your’s & the Nanja’s schedule accordingly. Then get all legal docs signed by all parties. 


3.Going Places

Woo!! It’s vacation time. Go enjoy the bliss of relaxation in those magical moments.

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Overview of Process

Finding & Matching Quality Nanja


Coordinating Schedules 


Legal Documents 


All Expenses Covered by Good Parent


Envision Traveling with aTemp. Nanja



Going Places…

And your regular nanny can’t make your required dates for vacation & travel… no worries, call us at (865) 384-6052, and we will do our very best to find you a Nanja to accommodate & accompany you and your family, to help out during your much needed vacation. 


Escape Reality

Your Nanja will be there on vacation with you when you need to escape to the spa and dinner with your boo!! 


Visit. Explore. Dream.

We will do all the brunt work on matching your’s and your Nanja’s schedules, that way travel will be bliss while you and your significant other may enjoy that snorkel 🤿 tour!!


See the World

Your Nanja will make sure to supervise, protect, and have fun with your children always while you Good Parents are away for a while on a day road trip. 


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