Rules & Regulations 

First and foremost, Nanja LLC prides ourselves on hiring the most qualified Nanny Ninjas in & around your area while providing supervision, protection, care, safety, and fun each and every time our Good Parents (G.P.’s) & their dear children. 

All of our Nanny Ninjas are highly qualified, with face-to-face interviews on Skype, taken place in our hiring offices at Nanja LLC, background checks, drug tests, at least 1 year of experience working with children, child CPR/First Aid/ AED certified, and must be at least 18 years of age or older.

Only then may our Nanny Ninja have an account in Nanja LLC’s Nanja App.

If our Nanny Ninja drops below a 4 star rating, they no longer are hired from Nanja LLC and lose their Nanja position & App account.

In order for a Good Parent  to hire a Nanny Ninja through the Nanja App you must fill out all information regarding your child/s and approve waiver by clicking appropriate boxes you are approving your electronic signature. For now it is via email and electronic signatures. 

4 Children maximum per Nanny Ninja, b/c of all the age ranges 1mon 13yrs.

If you the G.P., have more than 4 children, you need to hire an additional Nanny Ninja/s.

It is recommended that if your child is above the age of 13 years of age, your child does not require a Nanny Ninja unless they need supervision for school. 

You must request the Nanny Ninja at least 2 hours advance notice in order to hire and  allow ample time for Nanja to arrive on time.

To have a one hour meet and greet before Nanja’s official start time, request 3 hours in advance, ex. if you need a Nanja from 5PM – 9PM, request the Nanja by 2PM. in order for him / her to be there one hour in advance at 4PM before actual sit at 5PM.

All meet and greets are 1 hour long and are a flat rate of $20 Cash in addition to full payment for actual sit for your child/s. 

Introduction over the phone, FaceTime or Skype are at no charge.

Hourly rate is 4 hour minimum according to how many children the Nanny Ninja is assigned. 

Plus (Square/Stripe etc.) service charge for each transaction with Square, then with Stripe once Nanja booking/ App is implemented.

Both parties may cancel at any time. This means the Nanny Ninja may cancel at any time too. Please refer to Nanja LLC’s Cancellation  & Refund Policy for more information. 

Please rate your Nanny Ninja well, on a scale of 1star, poor care and should not be a nanny at all or 5 stars, great service and care, all around quality Nanny Ninja, in Nanja’s follow up Google Forms, which will be sent via email after each Nanja sit. 

You as the Good Parent are to keep track & clock-in via texting the Nanja (ex. Send a text “you just arrived at 3:00 p.m.”)  and clock-out via texting the Nanja (ex. Thank you for watching our kids, be back by 9:30 p.m.) & of course adjust accordingly if you get back later than expected.

 *For now the Nanja may give you a hand written receipt upon request. 

If for any reason you as the Good Parent need to have another caretaker come look after your child/s while the Nanny Ninja is still there, you must communicate this to your current Nanny Ninja. And then once you have communicated this to your Nanny Ninja you can then clock the Nanja out once your new chosen caretaker has arrived to take over for your current Nanny Ninja. 

No child is to be left unattended during a Nanja sit unless the child/s are 13 years or older. 

If you do not return within 2 hours of stated end time and do not call or text to say otherwise, you have given the current Nanja permission to declare a state of emergency and to proceed with our emergency procedure.

Nanny Ninja’s are not allowed to administer medication/s. Only in a state of an emergency the Nanny Ninjas are allowed to. 

Medication/s must be administered by Good Parent/s before you go out or when you return. 

If your child/s is sick DO NOT hire a Nanny Ninja.

If your current Nanny Ninja becomes sick the Nanny Ninja will cancel as soon as possible and stay home. 

If the Nanny Ninja arrives and feels the child/s is sick and ill within the first 15 minutes of being at the chosen location, it is the Nanja’s right to decide if she/he will cancel the sit and go.

Good Parents do not yell, scream, blame, harase, attack, or partake in intimate relations with professional Nanny Ninja’s. If any of the previously stated occurs, Nanja LLC  has given permission to the assigned Nanny Ninja’s to report to Nanja LLC’s hiring offices and therefore, Nanja LLC reserves all rights to Nanja App and will result in your loss of and revoke access to Nanja LLC’s Nanja App indefinitely, at any time.   

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